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Just thought I'd make it a little easier to find the NEW FMA!! FMA 2: Brotherhood can be streamed legally from funimation, for those of us not in Japan who are eagerly awaiting the new episodes!

Click here: Link beneath the cut! ^_^Collapse )

There is no dub yet, but the anime is SUBTITLED in ENGLISH! So go watch now! ^^

BTW: The stream is kind of slow, if anyone wants to download I've found an excellent link HERE!Collapse )
I wrote this just to see if I could write a PWP. I wanted to test my smut skills. Feel free to comment or criticize, tell me how I did for my first time. ^_~

Mello, Matt and Near threesome smut, if I feel like my skills need more polishing I'll write the sequel. I felt kind of bad about leaving Matt hanging, but I really just needed him there to talk Mello and Near into doing the dirty. Looks like it didn't talk much talking after all. O_o;;;

Hungry Ghost is getting posted next, I promise. ^_^


And that was the first time I wrote sex for the sake of writing sex. XD

Fic: Futureproof (Death Note L/Light)

Author: Beyond Breakdown
Title: Futureproof
Series: Death Note
Warnings: Boylove abounds. Canon character death.
Characters: Light/L
Summary: Once Light’s name was cleared and the cuffs were officially removed, Kira and L voluntarily shared a bed for four nights. Those were L’s final nights on Earth, and this story is a record of that time.
Disclaimer: Death Note not mine, story mine.

Click For FicCollapse )

This story is actually a prequel to a fic I'm writing called "Hungry Ghost," but it also works as a stand alone. Weirdly, I got it polished up and posted before the first chapter of Hungry Ghost, which is a multi-part fic with each chapter also being able to exist as a stand alone story. Because I like feeling a sense of completeness when I post things.

Oh yeah, and if anyone cares, Hungry Ghost will be out soon. Hungry ghosts are creatures from Japanese mythology that are tied to this world by their hunger for something. I thought it would be hilarious and appropriate if L became a hungry ghost and haunted Light. I might also have slight problems accepting L's death. If you just got spoiled, you should really be watching/reading the actual series instead of fanfic
Well, it's kinda awkward to point out something so obvious, but With Teeth is discontinued. I'm sorry to say I've lost interest in writing extended Saiyuki yaoi. I still read it, though, and if inspiration hits I will post one-shots! Also, Black Market Blood is completely free for archiving, you don't even need to bother asking me. Just credit Beyond Breakdown (or Sonic Wasteland) as the author.

In the last year that I haven't posted shit, I've been reading Death Note. I am now thoroughly engrossed with the Death Note fandom, and as of now am writing (and will soon be posting) Death Note yaoi fanfiction. If this isn't your cup of tea, feel free to defriend me, let's just all be honest about what we're interested (and not interested) in reading.

Thanks everyone who has read so far, and to anyone who will read my future fanfiction!

Saiyuki - With Teeth - VII

Well, this is a little crazy. Blame it on the holidays. Also, I dedicate this chapter to cheering up my darling Lamiyao, who will doubtless be horrified at what I've done to the characters, but who will be entertained and love me anyway. =^.^=

Warnings: Oh, everything. If you're traumatized it's not my fault, and now you're a little more mature, aren't you.

With Teeth - VIICollapse )

Saiyuki - With Teeth - VI

Whoops, I broke Goku's innocence? =^.^=;;

Warnings: Full-frontal yaoi. Violence. Messed-up age difference consent issues, etc.

With Teeth - 6Collapse )

Saiyuki - With Teeth - V

It's me again, with the finished version of part 5! Warnings for yaoi, not too much violence, Hakkai/Gojyo-centric.

I hope you all enjoy the style of this section, it's more light-hearted than what I usually write. I guess I've been feeling sentimental or something. Maybe it's all the ridiculous holiday cheer. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this break from form. The next chapter is a lot darker.

Coming up: I have a really crazy Sanzo/Goku showdown in the works. Expect some Goku-torture, because I have completely neglected the poor boy so far. =^.^=

With Teeth - 5Collapse )

Saiyuki - With Teeth - IV

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay again. I've been visiting Boston, so I couldn't update what I had done until now. Anyway, warnings for blood and yaoi, because I wouldn't write it otherwise. This section is Sanzo-centric with a twist of Hakkai thrown in for fun. I hope it isn't too terrible, it's the buildup to a more juicy piece.

I have to apologize, because this story has been severely interrupted by my messed up love life. The next chapter, which I am writing at the moment and which should go live in a day or two, is filled with the yaoi smut and insanity that is my comfort food.

<-- *weirdo who gets comfort from her imaginary relationships*

“Says she’s got it all, I don’t want to be the one to tell her that she don’t!”

With Teeth - 4Collapse )

Saiyuki - With Teeth - III

Here it is, sorry for the delay. Real yaoi on the horizon! Hot man-flesh ho!

Yes, that was my way of warning for yaoi. Also, violence and weirdness as usual. This part is Gojyo/Hakkai-centric.

Next up: Expect youkai!Sanzo yaoi. That's right, I start out with the Gojyo/Hakkai to suck you all in and make the fic seem normal, but then I'll throw it all away with something weird like Sanzo/Hakuryu. Ok, I just made that up, it won't actually happen. However, one of my goals for this fic is to slash Goku with someone who is not Sanzo, just because it seems like the most difficult writing challenge that I can think of.

With Teeth - 3Collapse )

Saiyuki - With Teeth - II

Here is part II of my new story, please enjoy. =^.^=

Warnings: Violence, yaoi, high squick factor (as usual)

With Teeth - 2Collapse )